Welcome to Indiana’s Territorial Past, located in Vincennes and Knox County.

Indiana’s first city is the perfect getaway for history enthusiasts.

Pantheon Theatre

The Pantheon Theater was built in 1921 and hosted many famous entertainers including Vincennes' favorite son, Red Skelton. In the 1950’s attendance was down and the cost of maintaining a huge theater was too costly. As a result, the Pantheon was closed and turned into retail space. In 2006 Travis Tarrants began restorating the Pantheon to its former glory. The Pantheon is now owned by INVin Arts and Business Innovation Initiative and non-for-profit. INVin is working to weatherize the structure and market it to new developers. For information on how to help or for a tour, please go to our website, www.invin.org or email us at contactinvin@gmail.com.


Pantheon Theatre
428 Main Street
Vincennes, IN 47591


Website: http://invin.org/wordpress/
Dial 812-703-4004, site code 10 for audio tour.
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